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Chick/Duckling Hatching Incubation Experience

Homegrownandraised provide chick hatching facilities to schools, nurseries, pre-schools, colleges and groups, the schools love the programme and re-book year on year. The children in schools often record the experience as one of their major memories of school life. It touches everyone’s heart to see a chick hatching no matter how young or old!
Even Ofsted love it!

Eggs are provided, 5-21 days from hatching depending on the experience you require and the age of the children. The eggs are candled prior to the experience to ensure the highest possible success rate. 

The Homegrownandraised incubators are specially designed for classroom hatching. An electronic thermostat ensures accurate temperature control for a high hatch rate. The large viewing windows allow the children to see all stages of hatching.

Our price includes a talk/presentation to the children including a petting session with chickens, ducks and any other feather friends that we have at the time. We set up and leave you with a comprehensive and detailed instructions for the incubators and hatching boxes.

Our staff are all available 24/7 363 days a year to offer advice and support both on the telephone and face-to-face if required and all have full DBS Enhancements and Photo ID. We can also supply a copy of our £10million comprehensive farm insurance including public liability if required.

An educational poster and Chick Life Cycle exploration set is also left with you to help you explain to the children what is happening inside their eggs every day.

Chicken Sitting

We now offer a Chicken Sitting service, we supply the hen house, bedding, feed and 2 hens for a set time for you to look after. This is a great package for schools looking to hatch their own chicks, keeping them after incubation - engaging the children in cycle of life, thus then producing their own eggs to incubate the following year.

This can be added to a Incubation Experience package or as a standalone experience.

Poultry Keeping
Poultry keeping is an enjoyable and productive hobby for adults and children alike but if you are thinking of keeping poultry there are considerations to be made and we ask you to think very carefully before rushing into ownership.

Please consider the following points carefully:

  • Some Councils do not allow chickens, or have minimum requirements for housing them.
  • Will your neighbours object to chickens in your garden?
  • Do you have someone to look after them if you go away?
  • The chicks will need to be under a lamp or indoors for the next 6 weeks.
  • If you are still interested in keeping the chicks, or a parent or carer is interested, please talk to us to discuss this in detail.

Home rearing advice
The following information sheets are courtesy of the Practical Poultry magazine at
  • Allotment Hens
  • Chicken Runs
  • Parasitic Problems

Did you know?
Occasionally, a hen will produce double-yolked eggs throughout her egg-laying career.  It is rare but not unusual, for a young hen to produce an egg with no yolk at all.

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